J-Law is dating Gwyneth’s ex. Here’s why that’s therefore weird

J-Law is dating Gwyneth’s ex. Here’s why that’s therefore weird

After just what must be a fairly straight-laced, GOOP filled, gluten-free 11-year relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has evidently chose to switch up their intimate life pretty darn drastically. And by pretty drastically, we suggest drrrrrraaaaasticalllllly.

It’s being speculated that the Brit singer has become dating spunky, young and vibrant Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence. The 2 have actually evidently been dating for a few months after fulfilling one another at a Coldplay concert come july 1st in London. Term has it that the Lawrence has offered the soggy Brit a much required lease that is“new life” because this woman is therefore not the same as Paltrow. No kidding!

On top, it is fairly evident that starched and pressed Gwyneth and free-spirited and rambunctious J-Law are completely different individuals. Let’s just take a look that is good exactly how various Goopy Gwyneth and J-Law are really. Except where, y’know, they’re the same.

Their Way Of Food

As evidenced in a number of editions of her GOOP publication and overheard in countless self-righteous quotes, Gwyneth is pretty militant in terms of healthy eating for by herself along with her kids. She believes in natural foods, vegetables and fruit and would “rather die” than let her kids eat a cup-of-soup or digest cheese from a can. J-Law having said that is a spirit that is free it concerns consuming. She enthusiastic about pizza and McDonalds (which she proudly consumed in the Oscars the 12 months she won).

Their Profession Accolades

Both have actually starred in a few blockbuster and movies that are acclaimed but J-Law gets the advantageous asset of youth. At 41, Gwyneth has won an Oscar and Globe that is golden for Actress. Just 24, Lawrence has won an Oscar for Best Actress as well as 2 Golden Globes. We nevertheless call samesies right here.

Their Super Hero Roles

Gwyneth and J-Law have actually starred in major superhero films. Needless to say their functions in sex sites those films are complete opposites. When you look at the Iron guy franchise, Paltrow plays the nice, sensible, straight-laced Pepper Potts. J-Law plays the wicked, sexy, dressed-down super villain Mystique when you look at the latest X-Men franchise. Appears about right.

Their Hobbies

In Gwyneth’s leisure time, she loves to make an effort to better the entire world (along with her wallet) by writing her GOOP publication. She shares the way in which she lives her life and encourages other people to adhere to the exact same criteria and trends — yawn. J-Law, having said that, clearly doesn’t have enough time for the GOOP. She would rather kick around with buddies, perform sports and simply chill like every single other normal individual.

Their Stance On Partying

that would have guessed that Gwyneth is not a party animal? Paltrow claims she does not take in and claims she surrounds by herself with buddies who drink in moderation and understand how to hold their liquor. She additionally feels that being drunk is degrading. J-Law has an infinitely more set back approach to consuming and achieving a time that is good. She’s got often joked about drinking on set and shots that are doing the Oscars.

Their Workout Habits

Gwyneth thinks highly in workout and seems that every girl, despite having kiddies around, will make time and energy to get it done. She said she’s also exercised with young ones crawling on her behalf. J-Law has publicly stated she hates exercising and dreads carrying it out.

Their Stance On Smoking

Gwyneth is a rather wellness lady that is conscious. She consumes natural, permits her young ones to take in Coke just once a week, & most definitely doesn’t smoke. J-Law is a smoker. We’ll give that a great thumbs down, but hey, various shots.

Their Profession Outlook

Gwyneth has stated that being an actress and mom is tougher than having an job that is everyday being a mother. She also thinks she actually is “really f***ing good” at her task and only cares in regards to the individuals that observe that. J-Law does not appear to just take by herself or her work too really. We’ve all seen her inform countless jokes, embarrass by herself and acquire star-struck by her idols at award ceremonies.

Their capability to kick butt

While training on her role into the Hunger Games franchise, J-Law had been taught how exactly to correctly make use of a bow and arrow which she kept into the trunk of her automobile for per year. Which makes her a certifiable ass that is bad. Gwyneth isn’t truly the tools kind, but she does learn how to make a killer salad.

Their Name Dropping Etiquette

Gwyneth usually wants to remind the whole world that she actually is buddies with a few famous and crucial individuals. Yes, yes, we understand Jay Z and Beyonce have actually taught you therefore life that is many. J-Law is similar to a little kid around superstars, constantly seen at prize shows and red carpets in awe of her heroes like Jack Nicholson.

Their Sharing of Personal Life Details

Gwyneth generally seems to securely have confidence in sharing her life that is personal with world. It was made apparent whenever she circulated her infamous that is“consciously uncoupling about her separation from Chris Martin. J-Law keeps her life that is personal private does not publicly address her relationships…especially in a newsletter.

Concerning their fans

and lastly, Gwyneth results in as a figure of guidance to lead fans toward residing better and healthiest life style. This woman is a role model that is self-imposed. J-Law is apparently similar to her fans, completely imperfect, and thrilled to be by doing this.

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